Air Sealing

Click to Enlarge Understanding the Problem

We encourage you to think of your house as a living organism. The wall assembly is the outer skin that helps protect what's inside. To protect the body, the skin has natural pores which open or close depending on the body's need to breath. Your home's walls provides protection, but also have tiny holes or gaps that leak warmed or cooled air from inside the house to the outside. This scenario however costs you money every time you have to recondition (cool down or warm up) the air that is lost.

The key word here is drafty. The word "drafty" is usually associated with older homes, but drafts appear in homes of any age. Simply put, a drafty home means it's inefficient and an inefficient home means it's not only wasting energy, but it's costing you money!

Understanding the Solution

Regardless of your heating and cooling system, it costs money to maintain your home's desired comfort level for you and your family. But wasting energy through an inefficiently sealed home is a battle you needn't lose. Apex Energy Solutions can provide energy saving options that will ensure that your family stays comfortable year-round.

Air is fluid, very much like water. If there's a way for it to get in or out, it will. Controlling leaks around doors and windows, sill plates, plumbing penetrations, vents, fireplaces and other areas has been shown to save 5% to 20% on energy consumption.

Our technicians can evaluate your home's tightness through a simple "Blower Door Test." This procedure shows us where the leaks are in your home. A tight home doesn't let air escape, whereas a leaky home does. Searching the entire house, air penetrations are located, allowing the technician to seal the leaks. We use 50-year clear silicon caulk, low expanding foam spray, or weather stripping for this job. Once this work is complete, a blower door test will be performed again to determine how much the changes have reduced air-loss in the home. Air sealing improvements not only reduce utility costs but also create a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

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