What Apex Can Do For You

Our Value Proposition to You

Apex Energy Solutions' goal and focus is to provide homeowners with proven, practical energy solutions that will reduce their utility bills, create a more comfortable living environment, and conserve our natural resources.

Although we have very little influence over utility rates, we do have a wide array of options that not only improve the comfort level in your homes, but in most cases can actually lower your home's operational costs.

Our Goal and Focus

Whole house air and duct sealing is the first step in the right direction in reducing your utility costs and making your home more energy efficient. We tackle the low hanging fruit for you. We provide energy efficient solutions that are cost effective and provide the biggest value for our customers. And the greatest thing is, with recent incentives available to help homeowners improve their homes, air and duct sealing services could be done at a significant discount

We use mechanical tests (Duct Blast and Blower Door Tests) recognized nationally by the EPA's ENERGY STAR program, Oregon Department of Energy, and the Energy Trust of Oregon to identify problem areas. Making basic changes in these areas will lead to optimization of energy efficiency and energy savings. One or more of these organizations has even provided incentives or tax credits that allow us to do the work for you.

Call To Action

So the question is: How would you like to start reducing your energy consumption, lower your heating and cooling costs, reduce carbon emissions and have the work done by a professional organization?

If your answer is yes, please click here to have one of our technical consultants schedule an appointment with you. Additional information can be found under our FAQ section.

By using Apex Energy Solutions services, you can start reducing your utility consumption and keep more money in your pocket where it belongs.

*Limited time offer may be revoked at any time without advanced notice. Offer good at least through 12/31/2012. Must be within Energy Trust of Oregon’s territory (PGE, NW Natural, or Pacific Power and Cascade Natural Gas) and primary heat source must be through a forced air electric or gas system.

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